PT ConocoPhillips Indonesia

ConocoPhillips adalah perusahaan energi yang integral dalam skala internasional. ConocoPhillips adalah perusahaan energi terintegrasi ketiga terbesar di Amerika Serikat berdasarkan kapitalisasi pasar dan cadangan terbukti minyak dan gas. Conocophillips merupakan pengilang terbesar kedua di Amerika Serikat. Secara internasional, dalam kategori perusahaan yang tidak dikendalikan pemerintah, ConocoPhillips mempunyai cadangan terbukti terbesar kelima di dunia; dan berdasarkan kapasitas minyak mentah adalah pengilang terbesar keempat di dunia.

ConocoPhillips terkenal di seluruh dunia dengan keahlian teknologi di bidang eksplorasi dan produksi di laut dalam, eksploitasi dan manajemen reservoir, teknologi seismik 3-D, petroleum coke upgrading kelas tinggi, dan sulfur removal.

Geologist Intern

As part of realization of its commitments to develop Indonesian national workforce, ConocoPhillips Indonesia (COPI) provides opportunities for students of tertiary educational institutions Indonesia to carry out Practical Work and Research Program.
Internship Program is a pre-career development program with no condition of pre-employment to accommodate recent graduate of Diploma (D3/D4) Degree and above (S1, S2, S3) which designed to give participants 1 to 3 months of real working experience. This program separate from the Petrotech/Business/Operation Apprenticeship.
Task Assignment in Development Department :

  1. Data collection of all the geomechanics and drilling report
  2. Create data tabulation (convert the unit to have the same unit as needed)
  3. Digitize some curves if only picture is available
  4. Do calculation for some parameters (1D geomechanics)
  5. Create the plotting input especially for Mohr diagram


  1. Fresh graduates of minimum Bachelor Degree (maximum 6 months period from graduation/thesis defense date).
  2. Majoring in Geological Engineering with minimum GPA 3.0 of 4.00 or 77,5 of 100; however background must be aligned with ConocoPhillips’ business needs.
  3. Preference to have knowledge on geomechanics or pore pressure
  4. Graduated from university with an A accreditation (domestic) or listed in Top 100 world rank universities (international) is preferable.
  5. Fluent in English (oral and writing).
  6. Proficient with computer system/Windows application.
  7. Location: Jakarta, Jakarta Raya (Djakarta Raya)

Bagi Anda yang berminat, silahkan melakukan pendaftaran secara online:

Note: Attach your CV and latest academic transcript in pdf or Microsoft word format not more than 100 kilobyte.

To be considered for this position you must complete the entire application process, which includes answering all prescreening questions and providing your eSignature on or before the requisition closing date of September 1, 2021.