PT Ruang Raya Indonesia (Ruangguru)

DISNAKERJA.COM – Ruangguru adalah perusahaan teknologi pendidikan # 1 di Indonesia. Visi kami adalah untuk meningkatkan kualitas pendidikan secara keseluruhan dan mempromosikan pembelajaran seumur hidup yang dipersonalisasi. Kami memiliki dua platform utama dalam ekosistem kami. Pertama, Ruangguru menyediakan konten pembelajaran berkualitas tinggi (video pembelajaran, kuis, bahan persiapan ujian, catatan belajar, dll) untuk melayani lebih dari 12 juta siswa (K12) dan lebih dari 150.000 guru di seluruh Indonesia.

Selain itu, kami menawarkan beberapa produk / layanan yang melayani berbagai kebutuhan siswa termasuk digitalbootcamp, RuangLes, RuangLesOnline, Roboguru dan ruangbaca. Kedua, ruangkerja yang menyediakan pembelajaran korporat berbasis seluler dan melayani karyawan berbagai perusahaan internasional dan lokal.

Management Associate Program (MAP) Batch 6

Management Associate Program (MAP) is a 2-year accelerated career track designed to groom the future leaders, innovators, and changemakers of the EdTech industry.

By taking part in this program, you will be able to play a high-impact role in shaping the ever-growing digital landscape of Southeast Asian education. You will have the opportunity to take ownership of high-level projects and gain in-depth leadership coaching, allowing you to make a significant impact on the industry.

Job Descriptions:

  • You will be involved in one or more projects that will have the biggest impact (read: exponential growth) and solving the most critical challenges
  • You will not only be exposed to but expected to gain experience across different functions/roles, ranging from Product, Design, Marketing, Content, Operations, Sales, Impact/RG Foundation to ready yourself with the necessary breadth and depth for management roles in the future
  • Your progress will be measured by what matters most, every 3-6 months, where we expect you to be ready to lead a key team after 24 months
  • You will not only be working directly with the senior management team but get regular coaching & mentoring by the best talents that hail from diverse industries and expertise

Job Requirements:

  • Final year students or fresh graduates with a maximum of 2 years of working experience
  • Proven track record in project leadership or successful startup building.
  • Previous internship experience in a tech company, consulting firms, or FMCG.
  • Have experience participate in business case competition (as a finalist / winner would be a plus)
  • Demonstrate your exceptional leadership skills through experience within organizations.
  • Above all, you are aligned with the values of Ruangguru’s CHIEF culture: Collaborative, Human-centric, Introspective, Entrepreneurial, and Fun!

What Will You Get?

Hyper-Impactful project

  • Embark on hyper-impact projects that solve critical challenges and drive exponential growth.

Mentorship & Development

  • Get opportunities with senior management and receive direct supervisory guidance from functional managers while the rotations to maximize growth.

Success for society

  • Make an impact and contribute to society’s success. Your brilliant ideas will bring tangible benefits to many through education, a key driver of quality of life.

Competitive Benefit Package

  • Enjoy a compensation and benefits package that supports your professional career.