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DISNAKERJA.COM – UNIQLO adalah perusahaan Jepang dalam bidang perencanaan produk, produksi, distribusi pakaian kasual. Perusahaan ini membuka toko eceran pakaian kasual dengan merek Uniqlo. Kantor pusat Uniqlo di Sayama, Kota Yamaguchi, Prefektur Yamaguchi. Meskipun demikian, fungsi kantor pusat dipegang oleh Kantor Tokyo di Midtown Tower, Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo. Uniqlo Co., Ltd. adalah anak perusahaan dari Fast Retailing.

UNIQLO Manager Candidate Program (UMC) Batch 13 2023

Fast Retailing, the group parent of the global UNIQLO clothing brand, is offering a unique opportunity for motivated, high-achieving undergraduates from all corners of the globe to come together. Join us to devise exciting possibilities for a dynamic, innovation-driven company that is focused on nurturing strong managers, celebrating diversity, and pursuing a responsible, sustainable business.

Requirements :

  • Fresh Graduate/in last stage university
  • English fluent (Verbal and written)
  • Passionate to be a leader/manager
  • Has positive attitude, hard working, flexible & adaptable in diversity working environtment
  • Excited to work all over Indonesia


  • We are a Global Company #1 Retail Company in terms of Brand Value
  • Exciting career opportunity all over Indonesia
  • A dynamic fast paced work environtment and we are commited to make the world a better place

KUOTA TERBATAS dan hanya kandidat terpilih yang akan diundang untuk mengikuti seleksi

Jadwal Seleksi (Pilih sesuai lokasi terdekatmu):

  • Jakarta, 28th February 2023 at Ged. Smesco Exhibition Hall
  • Medan, 2nd March 2023 at Mutiara Suara Nafiri Convention Hall
  • Surabaya, 16 March 2023 at Dyandra Convention Hall AB

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